The only place in the north of the Landes to have its own bullring.  You will also appreciate the strong Landes Influence and the party times.

80 Kilometers south of Bordeaux, the community is just under 13 HA and spreads around the 2nd largest lake in the Landes which is 3 345 HA.

In the 1930’s, the period of the Airpostage planes, the lake was used by the famous aviaters such as St Exupery, Guillaumet, Mermoz and their seaplanes.

Parentis en born’s lake is also the kingdom of predator fishing such as Pike and Perch fish.


Parentis en born is the capital of petrol production since 1954, you will notice around the lake the famous nodding donkeys.


The most important festival in the north of the Landes. 

The festival is held every year at the beginning of August of which thousands of people gather together for partying during 5 days non stop.

! Don't forget to get dressed in white with your red neckerchief !

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